Capitol Hill by Joy Penaso

On October 21, 2011, Global Communities was able to take part in the fabulous opportunity to visit Capitol Hill. A metonym for the building that actually houses the legislature of the United States, Capitol Hill is two square miles of hill, majestically rising in the center of DC. The visit was comprised of a grand scale tour of the building, showing the beautiful design and architecture that took two centuries to finalize. Learning what E Pluribis Unum means (do you know?), getting a quick look-see of the rooms within the U.S. Capitol, and finding quirky secret spots were just a few of the many highlights of this trip. The most insightful part of the visit would have to be the briefing from a coordinator of Foreign Relations from Senator Cardin’s committee. Not only did he give a description of how work on “the Hill” is, he also gave information on offered internships and just what the heck briefs are. When asked if the overall trip was beneficial, first-year attendee, Maya Dawit claimed, “Yes, I learned all about the different opportunities that are offered in the DMV!” Taking one glance back to the monumental building, Lady Freedom, is just the “cherry on top” to the federal government’s symbolic home.

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