Exchange Student Interview

Name: Jean-Baptiste
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Year: 3rd
Country: France

Why did you apply to be an exchange student?
I applied to be an exchange student because I wanted to discover a new way to study which is really different from what I’m used to in France. I chose to come to the US to have a “college experience” as you can imagine it when you watch TV: good studies and a crazy night life!

How does it feel to spend time away from your home country?
So far it’s not so hard to be away from my home country! It’s probably because I’m used to traveling far and for quite a long time.
Of course I miss my family and friends and french food but it’s ok!

How do you go about meeting friends in a new country?
Again, I’m probably used to it but it’s really easy to make friends especially here because people are really friendly! And when you live in a dorm there is always someone you can be and speak with!

What is one thing you have learned so far being in United States?
So far I learned that football is a REALLY big deal! Way bigger than I imagined!

Interview by Saunam Vij, Susan Shen and Song Yu.

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